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Truck body Building

Truck body Building & Modifications

Galligan Steel Fabrication specialise in truck body building. We understand that every haulage contractor has different needs. We can Manufacture any type of body for a range of different industries construction, haulage etc. With over 30 years of experience in steel fabrication you can be assured that will will get quality workmanship that will last for years.

Our expert steel fabricators handle everything.

  • Design of Truck Modification
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Installation
  • IVA Testing
  • Painting & Branding

We carry out a whole range of

  • Cattle bodies
  • Plant Bodie
  • Tipper bodies
  • Flatbed bodies
  • And much more

To speak with a member of our team – call us today. We can discuss the type of lorry modification you require and come up with a design that will suit. Once you are happy and approve, we can begin work.

As with all vehicle modifications, certificates and paperwork can take time. Please speak with our team with regards to timeframe for all work carried out. For example, second hand lorries do not require the same level of testing / certification.